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Book Review: Anna Bloom's The Saving of Benjamin Chambers

The Saving of Benjamin Chambers (The Uni Files) - Anna Bloom

I had a lot of fun reading Anna Bloom’s THE ART OF LETTING GO and adored Ben Chambers. If you haven’t read THE ART OF LETTING GO, it’s not necessary to enjoy THE SAVING OF BENJAMIN CHAMBERS.

Firstly, can I take a moment to talk about the cover? I’m totally digging it and I really think it reflects Ben and what he stands for. Secondly, ah, Ben! He was loads of fun in THE ART OF LETTING GO and I loved how his relationship with Lilah began. In THE ART OF LETTING GO, we find out Ben and Lilah met at her office Christmas party, but we don’t know exactly how the introduction occurred. THE SAVING OF BENJAMIN CHAMBERS answers this as well another important question regarding a particular gift Lilah gives Ben.

What I really enjoyed about SAVING BENJAMIN CHAMBERS is getting to know a side of Ben we didn’t know. One of the reasons I dislike first person narrative is that it limits us to what another character is thinking and we have to rely on the narrator and trust that person to give us the complete picture. I’m also not a fan of novellas or books written in another character’s point of view because a lot of the information of the first book is often recycled. Here Bloom gives us an original story and it was a real treat getting to know Ben. He spends 9 months waiting and hoping to find Lilah and it was so much fun reading the journey!

I wish I could go into detail about my favorite scenes, but I don’t want to give any spoilers. Let’s just say, I really liked the scene when Ben first spots Lilah. It’s easy to understand how and why she didn’t recall Ben. It does say a lot for Ben to keep an eye out for the woman who captured his interest and when he finally sees her again, you’ll be cheering (even if you’ve read LETTING GO and know the story). You’re heart will go out to Ben when you realize how unhappy he is with his life and we all can associate with him in that aspect.

If you’re a fan of New Adult, you really need to check out Anna Bloom’s THE ART OF LETTING GO. Feel free to read THE SAVING OF BENJAMIN CHAMBERS before LETTING GO or after, either way I believe you’ll have a great time getting lost in Bloom’s world.

Source: http://literaryetc.com/2013/12/07/book-review-anna-blooms-the-saving-of-benjamin-chambers