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Down to You (The Bad Boys, #1)

Down to You - M. Leighton It’s difficult for any author to write a love triangle because each reader is different and we get divided up into teams. Afterwards we have our own idea regarding who the heroine should have picked (especially if she picks the wrong one). I admit I was a bit worried about how this would turn out. The reason? From the premise, Olivia Townsend, is attracted to brothers. Normally this isn’t a problem as we’ve seen it played out before because one brother turns out to be the villain and makes it easy for her to figure out which one she wants, but the problem here lies with twin brothers. Twin identical brothers: Cash & Nash Davenport. If you’re saying to yourself, “Cash & Nash?” no worries-Olivia thought the same thing.On the one hand we have Cash. He’s oozes sexuality and Olivia is attracted to him on sight, however; he’s not what Olivia wants. She immediately puts him in the bad boy category and she’s done with that type. Then we have Nash and he’s everything Olivia wants in man. He’s intelligent, hard working, financially stable and not to mention responsible. It should be a pretty easy choice right? Wrong! While Nash has it all he’s also in a relationship. Since we know Nash is taken then her choice should be Cash right? Leighton doesn’t let us off that easy and throws us a curve ball weren’t expecting. Leighton writes an intriguing tale that will have you grinning ear to ear and maybe tossing and turning as you attempt to sleep. Olivia first meets Cash at a bachelorette party for her good friend Ginger. A little misunderstanding ensues and let me just say Olivia gets up close and personal with Cash. When the misunderstanding is cleared up she’s immediately embarrassed, but moves on. The next day she meets Nash and finds out he’s dating her cousin Marissa. Upon seeing Nash in Marissa’s kitchen (Olivia is roommates with her) she’s immediately outraged. How can this man be here in her kitchen pretending he doesn’t know who she is and what about Marissa? Her confusion is immediately cleared up when Nash explains he has a twin brother named Cash.Needless to say Olivia spends time with both brothers and her attraction to both of them grows. While she tries to figure out why she turns to jelly around them, both brothers are hiding a secret. One evening, Olivia accompanies Nash to a work function in Marissa’s stead. He tells her about his family, but Nash doesn’t go into details and she doesn’t press him for information. Later Cash explains the predicament his family is in. Olivia doesn’t know what to do with this information and is angry at Cash for telling her something that could potentially hurt her and her family. Despite knowing this information, she still can’t quite decide which brother she wants and when her friend Ginger suggests she test drive both of them to pick the one she wants, Olivia scoffs at the idea. It’s Cash who wants her and will do anything to have her. The question is will Nash take a back seat and let Cash have what he wants too?Leighton utilizes first person point of view (POV) and unlike some authors who only write using one POV, she gives us not only Olivia’s, but Cash and Nash’s as well. Sometimes this can backfire on an author because it disrupts the flow of the story, however; in this case no disruption whatsoever. She also identifies which POV you are reading so you aren’t confused. Again this does not disrupt the flow of the story. Leighton’s curve ball towards the end might surprise some readers. I admit I wasn’t surprised because I had an inkling of how it would end, but I still gasped when I found out the big twist. She leaves us with a cliffhanger that made me throw a book across the room because I hate having to wait. Readers will be left wanting more and I really can’t wait to see how this concludes.