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Geoducks Are for Lovers

Geoducks Are for Lovers - Daisy Prescott I’m a big fan of lovers reunited and when I read the synopsis for Daisy’s Geoducks Are for Lovers, I couldn’t pass it up! Plus look at the cover-the colors are beautiful and I love the use of wishing rocks because they a role in the book.Maggie Marrion is excited to see her old university friends and is happy to play host to their visit to Whidbey Island where she’s been living and working remotely as a food writer. The new addition to their inner circle is Quinn’s husband and Selah announces she’s bringing someone, but Maggie gets some shocking news. Gil Morrow, her best friend from university will be coming with Selah. Maggie hasn’t spoken to Gil in several years and she’s not sure how to face him. Gil, on the other hand, can’t wait to see Maggie and he’s determined to put things right. Their friends have always suspected there was something between them, but can he prove to Maggie that they belong together? I enjoyed Geoducks Are for Lovers and it really is a book for those of us in our thirties and older otherwise some of the pop culture references will be lost on younger readers. Character development is strong and I got to know everyone equally. Prescottt introduces us to a great ensemble cast of characters. Quinn’s that gay best friend you want and he’s not afraid to tell Maggie the truth, but he’s also there to support her. I adored Selah! I really liked how open she was about writing pirate smut and took the teasing by her friends in earnest. Then there’s Gil, oh what I can about him? I loved him and hey, he’s a history professor! We’re also introduced to Ben and Jo, a married couple. At times I felt as if these two were together just to be and really couldn’t see the reason why they were married or proof they were in love. Then again, they’ve been married for over twenty years. Finally, we have John, Maggie’s neighbor who is younger than her and it’s clear he’s interested in her. The question here is, will Maggie take what’s next door or will she follow her heart with Gil?Narration is third person and writing was engaging, I laughed in several places. There was a spelling error particularly with a well known person. Sally Jessy Raphael’s name is spelled as Sally Jesse Raphael. Also there's an issue with diction. For example, instead of “he smiled with watery eyes,” you get present tense with “he smiles with watery eyes.” At times, this was difficult to read and kept pulling me out of the story. I do feel the type of diction Prescott used would have been better suited for a flashback / memory scene being told in the present rather than the way she utilizes it. Despite that, it’s a lovely story and Prescott makes us care about these characters. I wish I could pinpoint my favorite scenes, but it is difficult. I enjoyed the scrabble scenes especially when dirty words would be added and no one would own up to playing them. I loved the scenes with Quinn and he was fun to read. Overall, Gil stole the show. He’s everything you’d want in a hero and I feared Maggie would let him go. When Maggie learns about what happened during her year abroad, my heart broke. There were a lot of what “ifs” and an important message to walk away with is, take that second chance that’s handed to you. Of course, reading Geoducks are for Lovers was a treat because we get to remember what life was like before the internet and social media. The fact Gil and Maggie are the holdouts and aren’t on Facebook says a lot. My only complaint is with how it ended which I won’t reveal because I don’t want to spoil it, but an epilogue would have been nice.I debated with the rating between a three and four due to the spelling error and use of diction; in the end, I decided on a four because they were minor and I was able to read Geoducks Are for Lovers without difficulty. Overall, the references to some of the best films ever produced such as, The Big Chill and The Graduate, make this a highly enjoyable read. My favorite quotes:“Sorry Q. Still not my type.” “Pfft. So you say. You could use the outdoor show. I could walk by. Nature could take its course.” “In college you’d only run if a clown was chasing you or there was free booze.”“Interesting. The queen of pirate smut doesn’t like to swallow.”If you’re looking for a sweet romance that you can relate to, Daisy Prescott’s Geoducks Are for Lovers is the book for you. I do have to warn you, eat before you read otherwise Prescott will have you drooling over the food she describes and don’t blame her if nostalgia hits you with deep longing.This review is posted at Literary, etc.