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Impossible - Laurel Ulen Curtis Veronica Russo vows never to love again and instead turns her energy to being a storm chaser. Three years ago she walked away from her life after losing everything that mattered and never looked back. Stopping for a quick bite to eat turns her world upside down when she looks into the mismatched eyes of Coleman Cade. He makes her weak in the knees and suddenly dormant feelings begin to resurface. Cade is happy to finally meet the woman who made an impression on his son, but he wasn’t expecting the feisty Veronica. When she helps extricate him from an unwanted situation, he realizes she’s a gem and he sets out to win her over. Will Veronica put her past to rest or will she walk away from another chance at love?Laurel Ulen Curtis’ Impossible is well written. It’s one of those books not to start before bed because you’ll find it difficult to put down. Can I take a moment to fangirl over Cade? He makes an appearance in Curtis’ The One Girl and while his appearance was brief, he made an impression. Don’t worry if you haven’t read Curtis’ The One series, it’s not necessary to enjoy Impossible. Cade is sexy and oh boy, you’ll never look at bull riding the same way! Even though he spends a majority of his time competing on the national circuit, he also runs a farm and raised his son alone. He takes his responsibility to his family seriously and he’s cautious about letting women into his life, which makes sense since he’s a professional and well known. Veronica isn’t as straight forward as she likes the reader to think. Underneath her tough exterior is a girl who mourns the loss of her husband and child. I really liked that Curtis gave us a heroine who is self sufficient and doesn’t wallow in self pity because of her loss. Curtis develops her secondary characters well. I loved Cade’s mother, Nan, and wish we would have had more scenes with her. Cade’s son, Coleman Cade Jr. stole the show! I know a complaint among readers is the "insta-love” phenomenon that is prevalent in a lot of books. Impossible isn’t one, while they are attracted to one another, they do take the time to get to know one another. Although, Veronica is a bit more guarded about her past, I loved that Cade didn’t press her. I really do believe Veronica needed someone to support her and realize it was all going to be okay. I also enjoyed that this was pretty much a drama free romance. No love triangles, crazy exes or anything like that. I wish I could discuss the final chapters, but I can’t because they would be a HUGE spoiler. Instead, I’ll say this: I’ve often wondered how people can move on with someone else after their significant other has died. Curtis made me think about how maybe in the end, x wasn’t the love of your life or perhaps x brought y to you instead. If you’re looking for a romance that’s well developed and that will tug at your heart, I recommended Laurel Ulen Curtis’ Impossible. You’ll really enjoy the bonus POV she includes and it answers a lot of questions pertaining to the final chapters. This review is posted at Literary, etc.