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Review: Hope Entangles

Hope Entangles (Hope Trilogy, #2) - Alice Bello

Hope Entangles picks where Hope Breaks left off. Those of us hoping for a Jake and Hope reconciliation, well…we have to wait some more. Hope Entangles isn’t about them getting back together, but rather what Hope does get over what she did to Jake. Now if you haven’t read Hope Breaks stop reading this review NOW, read it then proceed.


Like Hope BreaksHope Entangles is told via Hope’s point of view, but we also get Jake’s. I always enjoy getting to see Hope’s world, but the real treat was getting to know Jake! Bello left some unanswered questions in the first novella especially with regards to how Jake knew Hope in high school. That question is answered and I’m glad she gave us his perspective alongside Hope’s. Also, I had questions as to why Hope was cautious about dating. That too gets addressed and it’s a heartbreaking tale. I’m glad Bello explained it, but equally happy she didn’t linger too much on it and make the entire storyline about it. Although, I’m sure it will be readdressed in the final installment as it all comes together.


Character development is strong, but Hope Entangles is one of those novellas where you do have to read the first in order to continue. I loved learning more about Hope’s crazy, nosy neighbor Bette. Even better? The inclusion of Jake’s mother and sister, who in the past made Hope’s life a living nightmare. The real treat is Hope’s newest neighbor and the ever so sexy, Raphael. Hope begins to have erotic dreams about him and while purists will say she shouldn’t because of Jake, I remind you theirs was a very short relationship. A few characters from Hope Breaks make an appearance and I suspect we’ll get a few new ones in Hope Rises. I’m particularly dying for Jake to come face to face his with ex-wife who was once a friend of Hope’s.


There are a few errors, but nothing that impedes one’s enjoyment. I laughed and really enjoyed Hope Entangles. We’re left with a cliffhanger, but nothing as major as Hope Breaks. Bello will have you questioning which team you’re on: Jake’s or Raphael’s. If by chance Hope decides on Raphael, then I have a message for Jake: call me!


If you’re a fan of funny contemporary romances then I highly recommend Alice Bello’s Hope Entangles. Be prepared for laughs and I can’t wait for Hope Rises!

Source: http://literaryetc.com/2013/08/24/book-review-alice-bellos-hope-entangles