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Book Review: Rachel Harris’ Seven Day Fiancé

Seven Day Fiancé - Rachel  Harris

Rachel Harris is one of those authors I keep wanting to pick up and even have My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century on my to-be-read list, but ask anyone with a list and they’ll tell you, sometimes just don’t get around to it. When the opportunity came to participate in the blog tour for Seven Day Fiancé, I couldn’t pass up the chance and I’m so glad I participated!Seven Day Fiancé is the second book in the Love and Games series and if you haven’t read the first, Taste the Heat, it’s not necessary to enjoy Seven Day.


As for characterization, we have strong characters. Angelle is the youngest in her family and grew up full filling her parents’ wishes. When a long time family friend, Brady, asks her to marry him she turns him down and crushes her family’s expectations. She flees to Magnolia Springs and begins her new life as a firefighter while avoiding eye contact with the super delicious Cane Robicheaux. We learn a lot about Angelle when she’s back in Bon Terre among her family and friends. While some might criticize her for lying to her family and friends, she has a reason. We find out what happened to her older sister and how Angelle’s life was shaped because of her. And as the youngest, her family tries to protect her and she just wants to show them she can be independent and make her own choices. Now as to Cane…what I can say about him? I loved him off the bat! He cares for his sisters and is an honorable gentleman. Cane likes to keep his family’s history under wraps and you know you’ve earned his trust when he tells you about his family. I know I mentioned I loved him, but seriously I adored him! I loved the interactions between him and his niece as well as Angelle’s. We have a wide array of secondary cast members including Brady himself. I would have liked a little more one on one interaction between Brady and Cane, but in hindsight, I liked the way Harris sets things up and makes this about Angelle and Cane.


I’ve always been a fan of the fake fiancé plot despite the fact they all end the same way: couple gets together. There’s just something about pretending being in a relationship, fighting the attraction, and realizing you’ve fallen in love that just gets me excited. I adoredSeven Day Fiancé! The writing is engaging with narration in third person. Although set in the South, I had no problem hearing the accent as I read and it’s rare for an author to convey that without the use of dialect. Harris also writes detailed scenes and it was easy to imagine the sights and sounds. There’s a particular scene where Angelle picks up a crackling (bite sized Cajun seasoned pork rind) and Cane eats it and you can just taste it.


What I really enjoyed about Seven Day Fiancé is how open Angelle and Cane were with each other. They both acknowledged an attraction and used that to their advantage. I also liked how Brady is a non issue. It could have easily gone the other route with this becoming a love triangle and readers wondering if Cane would win Angelle’s heart. In the end, I just enjoyed the protagonists. They felt real and the entire world Harris brings to life in Seven Day, made me wish I could take a vacation to both Bon Terre and Magnolia Springs.


If you’re looking to spend a day lost in a sweet romance I highly recommended Rachel Harris’ Seven Day Fiancé. Just a bit warning: you might find yourself craving some Cajun cuisine and planning a visit to Louisiana to find your own Cane.

Source: http://literaryetc.com/2013/10/29/blog-tour-review-rachel-harris-seven-day-fiance