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Review: Marriage Minded Lord

Marriage Minded Lord - Sandra Sookoo

We’ve all heard the proverb, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Sandra Sookoo proves that in MARRIAGE MINDED LORD. Felix Darrington, Earl of Swandon can’t stop thinking about Lady Olivia’s French companion, Clarice, who happens to have a talent for cooking. Clarice dreams of a man who could love her and when Felix shows interest she’s quick to explain she’s not looking to become his mistress. While most men would walk away, Felix is willing to take the time to show her he wants her as his wife. They can’t deny the attraction, but when Lady Olivia notices the attention Felix is bestowing on her companion she quickly works to tear them apart.

Character development is a bit weak. I really liked Felix. He’s just come back from the battlefield and inherited the title upon his father’s death. He’s also struggling to find his own identity. Although, most titled men grew up knowing their responsibilities, Felix comes off at times as if he’s doing his family a favor by being the Earl of Swandon. As for Clarice, we don’t get to know her very well. We spend a lot with Felix and his family and Clarice is sort of in the background. I wanted to know more about her own personal thoughts regarding her family’s past. We have several secondary characters that make an appearance. As for Felix’s family, we have his mother and his sister Charlotte. I really liked Charlotte! I loved how she embraced the idea of Clarice and was her champion. No romance is complete without someone to dislike. We’re in luck because we have Lady Olivia and oh boy is she going to make you angry!

MARRIAGE MINDED LORD is a fast paced read. The language is a bit too modern for its Regency setting. A few times, I found myself rereading sections thinking I missed information. Again, this is where I wish we had more insight to a character’s thoughts and their background. As for the romance, I liked that both Clarice and Felix took the time getting to know each other. I enjoyed their conversations and at times, I wanted to shake Clarice because I wanted her to tell Felix what was bothering her.

I had a few issues with how certain situations are presented. It’s rumored that Lady Olivia gets around and she has no care for her reputation. I’m a bit surprised Felix’s mother would push for a marriage considering the rumors. She would have heard about them and we aren’t told exactly why she’s pushing the match other than Lady Olivia is in search of a husband. I’m not going to go into detail regarding titles and inheritance, but we’re told the reason Clarice doesn’t take the title of Countess is because her grandfather’s death was never confirmed. Clarice, herself, refuses to acknowledge her bloodlines because she believes they no longer hold any prominence. A large group of French émigrés did reside in England during the revolution and in 1802 Napoleon Bonaparte granted them amnesty and many did return to France. Then in 1814 during the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy, many émigrés became involved in politics so regardless, Clarice’s family title does hold some importance. Felix could have easily found out the fate of her grandfather by contacting someone in the Home Office to do some research.

Overall, Sandra Sookoo’s MARRIAGE MINDED LORD was a quick light read. If you like slow building romances, this is book you’ll need to read. The next book in the Darrington series is Charlotte’s story and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her!

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