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The Redhead Revealed

The Redhead Revealed - Alice Clayton The Redhead Revealed picks up right where we left off. Grace is now fully settled in New York and working on her off-Broadway debut while Jack of course is busy promoting his film, Time. Alice Clayton does a fantastic job with book 2. Book series are hard to write because an author must be able to get a new reader caught up and at the same time not overwhelm series readers with information they already know.Of course with every relationship comes with baggage. I honestly can’t imagine dating a celebrity. If dating someone outside that industry is difficult enough, I can’t imagine dealing with a celeb’s entourage, paparazzi, tabloids, and fans. We see Grace deal with it as best as possible especially when he’s featured on TMZ, etc. In one scene she’s explaining how she sees Jack at least once a week on TV and he explains how some fan came out of nowhere and tried to kiss him. Grace being Grace asks that oh so very important question of kissing her and Jack being Jack says he didn’t kiss her. Clayton could have taken the easy way out and not addressed the trust issues at hand when it comes to being and dating a celebrity, but she does it in true form. We feel Jack’s frustration at having his privacy invaded and we feel Grace’s anxiety at dating Hollywood’s “it boy.” One of my favorite scenes involves one of Grace’s cast members and she’s showing Grace a picture of Jack Hamilton. Grace trying to explain Jack is just comical, “ ‘What about your boyfriend?’ I heard a sexy voice behind me, with a distinctly British accent. My eyes grew wide as I slowly turned, now realizing what Leslie meant. Holy shit, Jack Fucking Hamilton.”It also doesn’t help that there is an age difference between them and Grace realizing that Jack has a “hot” career. I applaud Clayton for dealing with the age issue. I often wonder if men who date younger women ever feel inferior. Do they ever wonder if Candy will leave him for somebody her own age? I love that Clayton dealt with this issue and made it as realistic is possible as well as Grace’s own insecurities. One of my favorite lines is from Jack as he tells Grace, “So if you think for a second I’m going to let you end this without giving me a legitimate reason, you are truly crazier than I thought. I’m in this thing with you, a willing participant, and you can’t decide for both of us. Not anymore.” What makes Redhead Revealed such a treat is that both characters evolve and grow separately and as a couple. Favorite characters from The Unidentified Redhead make an appearance and we are introduced to some new ones as well including Jack’s family. The wise and snarky advice Holly often gives Grace is still there and of course we can count on Holly to deliver a much needed dose of medicine to Grace.While The Redhead Revealed is funny, it still is an emotional roller coaster. Clayton gives us that raw sensation of what it feels like to be in a long distance relationship and we see two people who clearly love each other struggle to make it work. As a reader you are wondering what could go wrong and cheering for them to work it out. Throw in people from the past and what could have been, you are left feeling the inner turmoil. How many of us wish we had a second chance of what could have been? Alice Clayton leaves me wishing book 3 was ready, but more importantly? She leaves me wanting to have someone of my own so I too can call him George and Sweet Nuts.