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The Unidentified Redhead (Redhead, #1)

The Unidentified Redhead (Redhead, #1) - Alice Clayton Sweet nuts! If you haven’t read The Unidentified Redhead, what are you waiting for? Stop what you are doing, go and get your hands on a copy NOW. I’ll wait…okay now that you have your copy, are ready for one of the best rides you’ve ever had?The Unidentified Redhead is a fast-paced, madcap of a book. A fun, light, and happy read. You’ll be left wanting more of Jack and Grace and crying eyes out from all the laughter. Grace Sheridan gave up her Hollywood dreams years ago and returns to Hollywood to give it another go this time older and hopefully wiser. Her best friend, Holly, is an agent and represents not only Grace, but one of Hollywood’s up-and-coming golden boys, Jack Hamilton.Alice Clayton quickly introduces us to Jack and Grace and their instant chemistry. Grace has no idea who Jack is and what the fuss is about regarding the upcoming release of his film, Time, about Joshua, a Super Sexy Scientist, who time travels and in each period has a new love interest. Holly, who happens to also be Jack’s agent, mentions it to Jack. Not one for seeing an opportunity pass him by, Jack, of course, asks Grace to run away with him because as he explains to Holly, ” ‘I told you, the next female I meet that hasn’t heard of this silly little film I will run off with, have a tasty little tryst to satisfy the gossip magazines. How lucky am I that she seems normal?’ ” This is where the real fun begins. As the night progresses, Grace enjoys a fun evening filled with witty banter with Jack and quickly realizes that no matter how much fun she had flirting with him nothing can come of it; after all, Jack is nine years younger than herself. Jack and Grace are bound to cross paths, and Grace quickly realizes that Jack might be attracted to her. Grace’s inner dialogue is quick and witty. Upon realizing that she might actually be attracted to Jack, she debates this attraction: “The guy looks young enough to be your kid, Grace. Yes, but only if I’d really slutted it up in junior high.”Although the book is told through Grace’s point of view, we do get a sense of Jack’s feelings and what he feels for Grace. This can seen in a variety of different ways. And without giving spoilers, all I will say is: Jack’s cast mates. The fears and concern both Jack and Grace feel are genuine. We see this immediately upon the first unofficial date Jack and Grace have. Grace takes him to her favorite restaurant and there she notices a few fans pulling out their phones to snap photos of him. He, of course, brushes off her concerns, but we can truly see how she feels. Afterwards a very important scene happens that will have you laughing your pants off and wishing you hadn’t had that extra glass of water before starting the book.The Unidentified Redhead has fully developed characters. You’ll be left wanting to make friends with Nick and wishing you had a best friend like Holly. Holly’s comebacks will leave you laughing. One of my favorite lines Holly utters happens after Jack and Grace have spent a day together. “So how’s the British invasion going? Has he invaded your hoohah yet?” Clayton also does a great job with Grace, who comes to terms with who she is. And although she gave up her Hollywood dream, Grace is quick to admit that she shouldn’t have given up. What I really liked is that Clayton kept the friendship between Holly and Grace intact. In most circumstances a friendship wouldn’t survive someone giving up their dreams and then trying to come back to fulfill them. I’m glad Clayton gave us Holly who not only represented her as an agent, but was there to believe in her friend.Clayton gives us a genuine ending and the satisfaction of seeing Grace achieve her dreams. Through Grace we get to realize what it feels like to let a dream a go, regret it, and try to make it happen. The only complaint I have of the entire book? I wish the Time series existed. I could devour those. In the meantime I stay satisfied with Super Sexy Jack Hamilton.