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The Cupcake Diaries: Sweet On You

Sweet On You  - Darlene Panzera Darlene Panzera’s Sweet on You is the first novella in the Cupcake Diaries series. The second novella, Recipe for Love, and the third, Taste of Romance, will be released in the next two weeks. If you’re looking for a quick light read then you’re in luck!I enjoyed Sweet on You and particularly loved the opening scene! Andi, Rachel, and Kim have come together to celebrate Kim‘s birthday. The trio has a tradition that involves splitting a cupcake three ways every quarter. Unfortunately Andi was pressed for time and couldn’t buy one until she spots a man with a bakery box. With a little encouragement she walks up to Jake and offers to buy his cupcake. What ensues is cute tête-à-tête between Jake and Andi that will leave you with a grin on your face.I really enjoyed the dynamics between Andi, Rachel, and Kim. What starts off as a joke, opening a cupcake shop, ends up becoming a reality. All three are currently going through individual hardships and we can associate with them. Even though this is Andi’s story, they all play a central role. Character development is a bit weak, but then again it’s a novella and you don’t get in-depth characterization because there’s only so much you can cram into 100 pages. Of course we have to have a villain and what a piece of work she is! By end I wanted to shove a few cupcakes down her throat to force feed her.The romance between Jake and Andi is sweet. Both are willing to have an adult discussion regarding their relationship and how it would affect the business partnership. There’s a particular touching scene with Jake and Andi at a fundraiser for cancer research in which Andi says to herself that she shouldn’t be there with Jake and his family, but when he grabs her hand, she realizes that he needs her. It’s nice to read about two characters that don’t have deep dark secrets to hide or another person coming between them. You’ll be cheering for this couple as you read along.My favorite quote:“You burned cupcakes in your tenth-grade home economics class and set the school on fire.”Darlene Panzera’s Sweet on You is a cute read. If you’re looking for a quick light read, this is your book. I do have to warn you, you’ll be craving cupcakes by the end!Review originally posted at Literary, etc