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Locked (The Alpha Group, #1)

Locked - Maya Cross I kept seeing Maya Cross’ Locked at a few blogs and the cover kept catching my eye! Look at it-it’s gorgeous! I knew I had to read this as soon as possible and even though I always read a synopsis before purchase, I didn’t do it for Locked.Maya Cross has us asking, who is Sebastian Lock? Readers will be intrigued the moment he makes an appearance and no doubt you’ll find yourself a bit smitten. Sophia Pearce is enjoying a night out with friends when they notice a group of people entering the bar and heading straight towards the back. They pay no real attention until they recognize an actor with an entourage and suddenly Sophia has a plan to infiltrate the exclusive party and find out what is going on. Little does she know, Sebastian Lock is there and when he spies her, he quickly approaches her and what ensues is a memorable first introduction. Sophia knows her time at the exclusive party is coming to an end and proceeds to leave, but only to find herself lost looking for an exit. I won’t say anything else, but let’s just say, I particularly enjoyed Sebastian’s quip about seeing Sophia again. The narrative is first person, but it doesn’t necessarily take away from finding out who Sebastian is. It is a novella and there isn’t in-depth character development, but for this particular story, I don’t feel Cross could have added more. We get a good idea about Sebastian’s character and he’s one never to take no for an answer. I have problems with some erotic books that come on the market; while some women may find a man who constantly shows up where you’re at sexy, I find it creepy. Sebastian doesn’t fall in the creepy category and he’s willing to cut his losses if things with Sophia don’t work out. Sophia is spunky and confident and she’s someone I would want to be friends with. She doesn’t back down and isn’t afraid to say no. I loved the conversations between Sophia and Sebastian. Locked ends on a cliffhanger and lucky for us the wait for the second book, Lockout, isn’t far away since it’s now available. The third book in the series is due to come out in July and therefore the wait between books isn’t too long. I debated with the rating between a three and four and in the end decided on a four because it’s well written and filled with intrigue. A bit of warning, there is some BDSM, but it’s light and I don’t think it will affect a reader too much especially if they aren’t into reading BDSM plots.Review originally posted at Literary, etc