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The Waiting Game (Entangled Suspense)

The Waiting Game - Eve Devon Five years ago, Brooke Bennett was living the life every musician dreams of. She was part of a highly successful band and walked away from it all after she’s rescued from her stalker’s clutches. While she cuts herself off from her friends to live a quiet life in another country, Brooke’s former bodyguard, Cameron Dexter, is hard at work running his security business. When word reaches him of Sprinks’ release, he only has one priority, to protect Brooke. Eve Devon has us asking, what would we do if we were put in Brooke’s shoes? Devon’s The Waiting Game has it all, suspense and hint of romance.In terms of characterization, we have sexy Cameron. He’s dedicated to his job and when he hears about Sprinks’ release, he didn’t have to personally collect Brooke. It’s clear he takes his job seriously and blames himself for not protecting Brooke five years ago. Brooke is a tough woman and no shrinking violet. She doesn’t want to leave the house she’s been living in, but at the same time wants to confront Sprinks head on. I commend her for wanting to do it, but I have to take Cameron’s side here and have them proceed with caution. We’re introduced to Megan, Brooke’s signing partner. She clearly loves Brooke and I’m not sure if Brooke understood at the moment, that when she walked away from Nocturne, she left Megan without a job. I was a bit worried at how Devon would introduce Megan, but I’m glad she was a true friend to Brooke. We also have Steven, Nocturne’s manager and he’s a piece of work! It’s clear where his priorities lie. Then of course we have Sprinks, who is crazy as can be.Now the big question I kept asking myself was why Brooke blamed herself for being kidnapped and what exactly went wrong. Plus I had all sorts of questions regarding this attraction both Cameron and Brooke were clearly fighting. Never fear, Devon addresses it in a flashback scene and it was eye opening. You can’t help but wonder what would have happened between them if Sprinks hadn’t come into the picture. Brooke is also afraid to show parts of her body because of the scars left by Sprinks. You could feel Brooke’s uneasiness and when you find out exactly what Sprinks did, you’ll be ill because it is clear how sick he really is. While you want to loathe him, you can’t and at times I wanted to shake him and plead for him to get help. Devon does a superb job giving us a first class creeper.I was a little disappointed at how neatly Spinks was dispatched, but in the back of my mind something just didn’t add up. Devon expertly leaves behind clues and even when I thought I had everything figured out, she throws us a curveball. At that moment, my heart broke for Brooke because here she was trying to live her life and to be betrayed the way she was, saddened me. It makes me glad she had Cameron there for support. Also both of them were able to heal and take responsibility for the past and both realized that they really weren’t at fault. A mad man dead set on getting to someone will do whatever he can and I have no doubt that if given the opportunity someone close to Nocturne would have sold Brooke and given Sprinks access to her.I really enjoyed Eve Devon’s The Waiting Game. What I really liked was that it set primarily in London, but it felt like it could take place anywhere in the world. If you’re looking for a well fleshed out romantic suspense, I highly recommend Eve Devon’s The Waiting Game. Just be aware, I’m not responsible for any sleepless nights you may have trying to finish the book or drooling you may have over Cameron.This review appears at Literary, etc.