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Fall From Love

Fall from Love - Heather London What would you do if you lost the love of your life on the night of your anniversary? For Holly Treadwell life hasn’t been easy and she’s closed herself off from friends especially those who knew Adam. When she returns to university, she has one purpose: to finish the semester. Her roommate, Jenna, keeps trying to push Holly to move on with her life. Deciding to humor her friend, Holly agrees to a night out. All is good until Carter Hansen tries to contact Holly and she shuts him down. She doesn’t want to talk to him, but Carter only wants to know how she’s doing. He realizes she’s still grieving and Carter blames himself for Adam’s death. Circumstances keep bringing them together and slowly a friendship develops. Will Holly be able to put away the past and move on with her life? Or will she lose a second chance at falling in love?Heather London’s Fall From Love is about life, death, and forgiveness. If there’s one message to walk away with it’s: things happen and no one can be held responsible. Narrative is first person through Holly and Carter. It doesn’t take away from the story, but rather it enhances it. London makes it a point to tell us at the beginning of the chapter whose narrative it will be. I really enjoyed this aspect because we need both perspectives in order to understand the events leading up to Adam’s death and after. Writing is good and engaging.In terms of characterization, we have some strong characters. Even though we get to know Carter, I don’t feel like we know him one hundred percent. Everything Holly knows of him is through Jenna or Josh, but I thought about this for a few days, and I feel that Carter was secondary. Fall From Love is about Holly and getting her to the moment to realize that it’s okay to move on and because of that I can forgive not fully knowing Carter. As I mentioned, we get to know Holly and you do feel sorry for her. I just wish Jenna didn’t treat her like glass especially regarding the big secret Carter has. Then we have Carter’s roommate who happens to be dating Jenna, Josh and he realizes Holly can handle things, but realizing Carter’s guilt he stays out of it. I liked Josh and I’m glad Holly and Carter had him around. What I really liked was Holly’s wake up moment. She gave herself the time to grieve, but when given the chance she opened herself up and I loved that!I won’t go into details regarding why Carter blames himself for Adam’s death, but the moment we find out, it will leave your heart aching for him. He carries a lot of guilt with him and even Adam’s friends don’t let him off easy. I have several favorite scenes, but the one that stands out is when Holly sees another woman in Carter’s apartment and she realizes she’s jealous. I loved the friendship that developed between them and that London gave us that period. There’s no instant love or a love triangle, just a simple story about meeting someone, getting to know them, and falling in love. I really enjoyed the late night chats between Holly and Carter.If you’re looking for a sweet story about life, second chances, and falling in love, I highly recommended Heather London’s Fall From Love. Just have a few tissues with you when you read, you’re going to need them.This review is posted at Literary, etc.