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He Touches Me: The Seen Trilogy: Part Two

He Touches Me - Cynthia Sax Cynthia Sax’s He Touches Me picks up where He Watches Me left off and it’s the second novella in The Seen trilogy.In He Touches Me, we get to know Anna and Gabriel a little more. I failed to mention that narration in He Watches Me is first person via Anna and it continues throughout the series. I like Anna and her perspective. Anna comes to grip with the reality that she likes to be watched and I feel that a series in her narrative adds to the voyeurism aspect that she enjoys very much. Character development continues and it’s interesting to see both Anna and Gabriel establish a relationship. Their night time swimming ritual Anna established with Gabriel, still continues but this time there’s a bit of action on his part. He’s not ready to sleep with her because he’s trying to earn her trust. Both of them have trust issues and Gabriel doesn’t want to pressure her into doing something she’s not ready for. We also get to know Anna’s coworkers from He Watches Me a little better. She becomes friends with the goth girl, Camille, who is surprised to see Anna still working at Feed Your Hunger because she still hasn’t made any in-house meetings. Then we have Michael, the son of a Hollywood actress and he becomes interested in Anna. While Anna might be attracted to him, she can’t bear the thought of being unfaithful to Gabriel.Anna also realizes she needs to find a second job in order to pay the utility bills which were much higher than she anticipated. When she informs Gabriel that their night time ritual would need to be postponed he suggests setting up a meeting with his assistant. I know you’re probably rolling your eyes thinking he’ll get her hired, but actually he leaves the hiring decision to his assistant and doesn’t interfere. I won’t say if she gets the job or not, but again I like that Gabriel respects Anna’s boundaries. Cynthia Sax’s He Claims Me is a sizzling read! If you have a few hours to spare I highly recommend it. If you haven’t read the first in the series, He Watches Me, do read it first because it sets up how Anna and Gabriel met.This review is posted at Literary, etc.