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He Claims Me: The Seen Trilogy: Part Three

He Claims Me: The Seen Trilogy: Part Three - Cynthia Sax’s He Claims Me is the final installment in The Seen Trilogy and while some questions remain unanswered, it’s a satisfying conclusion to this voyeuristic erotic trilogy.He Claims Me picks up right where He Touches Me left off. This time Anna is in trouble and in many ways, Sax was giving us a sign that something wasn’t right. In the first two novellas, we see a moth and Anna often compares herself to one; always floating and drifting. The morning following her first sexual experience with Gabriel she finds a moth hurt. At first I didn’t pay attention to it until everything Anna has worked for begins to fall apart. In He Touches Me, Michael eagerly assists Anna in trying to land an in-house meeting, but by accepting his help, Anna doesn’t realize he wants something in return until it’s too late. Then Anna gets an unexpected visit by Mrs. Leigh at Feed Your Hunger. Mrs. Leigh is the homeowner of the house Anna has been taking care of and accuses Anna of theft. Suddenly your heartbreaks for Anna and you’re wishing she could start the day all over again.What I enjoyed about He Claims Me is that Gabriel could have given up on Anna because he was in the midst of a very important merger, but instead he stood by her. He came to realize he loved her and while some may complain about instant love, etc, I saw this more as a gradual relationship. Sure Anna is attracted to him sexually, but Gabriel holds off and they build a relationship. Keep in mind, both had trust issues due to their past, but were able to trust one another.I really enjoyed how all the pieces came together, but there were a few unanswered questions. At one point Gabriel mentions that the Leigh’s had a specific reason for hiring Anna. At no point throughout the series does he ever explain what it is. I’m going to assume they conducted an extensive background check and found her father’s prison record. I would have liked some further explanation regarding this. Also the whole voyeurism aspect was bit uncomfortable for me in this third installment. I won’t go into detail, but it just left a bitter taste in mouth even if Anna loved it especially the final scene.If you have a few hours to spend, I do recommend The Seen Trilogy. You will require a cold shower afterwards (or a few). Just keep in mind that the entire series has a voyeuristic theme in case you’re not comfortable reading that or are looking to step out of your boundaries.This review is posted at Literary, etc.