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Buried Leads (A Headlines in High Heels Mystery #2)

Buried Leads - LynDee Walker LynDee Walker’s Buried Leads is the second book in the Nichelle Clark series. You don’t need to read Front Page Fatality to enjoy Buried Leads; although, several characters from Front Page do make an appearance. If you’re worried about spoilers, you won’t find any major ones preventing you from enjoying Front Page at a later date. Feel free to dive right in, but I do recommend reading Front Page prior to Buried Leads so you can become familiar with Nichelle and company.Richmond Telegraph crime reporter, Nichelle Clark is back! At first glance a dead body is just that, but when Nichelle receives a tip that the victim is a tobacco lobbyist and the suspect is the vice president of a tobacco company, she realizes there’s more to the story than meets the eye. Armed with a great pair of designer heels, she sets out to uncover the truth only to receive a death threat. Not one to be deterred, she refuses to heed the advice given by one very sexy Mafia boss and proceeds to continue to research the story. Little does she know she’s about to uncover secrets that will rock Washington politics. Will Nichelle uncover the truth before she’s silenced or will she kiss her job goodbye as her nemesis steals the limelight?I always have fun reading Walker’s books and Buried Leads was no exception. Character development continues to be strong. In Front Page Fatality we meet sexy mafia boss, Joey and he’s still enigmatic as ever, but does open up to Nichelle. At one point she makes a reference about how many people he’s killed and Joey responds that not all deaths are at his hands. He goes out of his way to warn and protect Nichelle, but our feisty heroine is not one to back down from threats and proves she’s resourceful and can hold her own. I’m not going to lie-I lit up each time Joey made an appearance. How Nichelle manages not to grin like a fool every time she sees him is beyond me. This time Joey has a little competition with Nichelle’s ex-boyfriend, Kyle, moving to Richmond. Kyle is ready to pick up where things left off, but Nichelle puts a halt to things. Upon seeing Joey pay a late visit to Nichelle, Kyle is immediately suspicious and since Kyle works for the ATF, I wonder how long it will take him to do a background check on Joey. The real treat for me was seeing Parker and Bob! I feel as if I’m an honorary employee of the Richmond Telegraph and I loved catching up with Parker especially when he was willing to help Nichelle do a little research. For those that read Front Page Fatality, you might remember Troy Wright and how his brother died; Walker follows up with Troy and I really appreciate being able to touch base with him via Nichelle.Once again, the writing is engaging and Buried Leads is a fast paced read. Walker expertly combines serious scenes with a touch of humor. For example, Nichelle meets the mother of a tobacco farmer and she’s a smoker who carries an oxygen tank. She has Nichelle wondering if she’s going to blow them up as she tries to question the woman. I really like how Walker showcases a newspaper competing with a television station and how Nichelle not only has to deal with competition from a television reporter, but she has her co-worker Shelby to worry about. I loved that Parker understands what Nichelle is up against especially when he’s assigned to a job with Shelby. The interoffice politics is downplayed a little in Buried Leads, but it’s still a very important aspect to story and series. I do love watching Nichelle grow as well as Parker and can’t wait to see what Walker does with these two in the future.One reason why I really like Walker’s writing is that she slowly feeds us the information and the reader has to make sense of the clues. At first glance, the different stories Nichelle has to cover don’t seem connected and it’s up to us to decide if they are. I love working out the puzzle with Nichelle and Walker gives us the ability to get our feet wet by playing detective alongside Nichelle. As for the mystery, I thought I had it figured out and I agreed with Nichelle for the most part, but I had a nagging suspicion that it was a bit too tidy. No mystery could be that straight forward and sure enough it wasn’t. Walker delivers a curve ball that would make Parker proud!LynDee Walker’s Buried Leads is a must read for any mystery fan. I loved Front Page Fatality, but Buried Leads may be my favorite in the series to date. If you’re a fan of mysteries or contemplating trying a new genre, I highly recommend Buried Leads.This review is posted at Literary, etc.